Deborah Eddy

Deborah Eddy is a plein air pastel landscape artist with strong emotional ties to the landscape she portrays.  Deborah’s vision of the power of nature, and its innate beauty, add a poignancy to her work that only comes from a deep appreciation of the land and the natural world.  Her work seeks to  increase awareness of the simple beauty of environments we see day to day, but may not fully appreciate as we go about our lives. 

Deborah is a two time Yosemite National Park Artist in Residence, and 1998 Artist in Residence at Isle Royale National Park in Michigan. She has shown with the Santa Cruz Art League since 1988, and has shown extensively in California since 1986, including showings at the Yosemite Museum, and the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. Deborah received a BA from Pennsylvania State University in 1964, and is a published writer and illustrator as well as a dedicated artist. 

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“My art has always focused on the line and form and the spirit of the land, the trees and rocks, the sky and clouds.  My vision is to create work that awakens our ties to the earth.  All of my work is done on location in chalk pastel.  Many of the scenes I choose to portray are the “ordinary” places around us that we sometimes take for granted or fail to see.  Each painting is a composite of the days spent at each site.  The strong elements of the scene are added to the painting as they are revealed to me by the Sun as it moves across the sky.  I hope to cause the viewer to discover the place of the painting, to have the experience of seeing that landscape for the first time.”

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