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Judy DeRosa

Logic and Wisdom

Heart and Mind

Butterfly Woman

Red Headed Woman / The Nest

Ten Ravens



           Judy DeRosa, an Echota Cherokee, is a versatile artist who works in many media including painting, collage, monoprint, and jewelry. 


DeRosa began painting in 1955.  Symbolism from diverse cultures is incorporated in her iconic visionary art. This path has brought a depth of personal understanding of indigenous traditions. As a Reiki practitioner, and a nondenominational minister since 1972, Ms. DeRosa uses the universal energies as her guide and dedicates her life to her art with the intent of enlightenment for her patrons. 

Judy pursues other artistic forms of expression such as glass fusion, photography, ceramics, sculpture, and mask making. She also teaches specialized classes in dream work, precious metal clay, and sacred vessel gourd work.

After working in the prison system as the Native American Chaplain for the various tribal groups she said; 

“... people would ask me how could they get into jail to take my classes!” 

Ms DeRosa has taken her teachings out to the free world where people can use the information in a better atmosphere.

As a visionary artist, DeRosa’s work beautifully expresses the spiritual yearnings of this age.  She is a joyful messenger for this new millennium.. Her collectors span the globe from Kyoto, Japan to London, England.


Precious Metal Clay jewelry - Silver Corn Necklace by Judy DeRosa

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