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Other Artists

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FEATURING....Duncan Alanson Spencer

Images of the Sierra and the Desert Southwest


Neil Boyle Alena Koenigsmarková 
George Cramer Lucille Kent
Neil David Sr. Peter Max
Leslie B Demille Olaf Palm
Robert Fisher

Hank Richter
Virginia George Xavier Sager - Untitled Nautical Scene - Nice, France - Oil on Board

Jane Gyer

James Sasso - "Untitled - Cow Skull and Rattlesnake" - Acrylic on Paper
Benjamin Harjo Jr.

Margit Tery Buschmann Moonscape - mixed media textile collage / lithograph
Otto G Hitzberger

Christine Title Untitled Landscape - serigraph
International Printmaking


Charles Wells - "Portrait of John Lennon" - LE etching
Donal Jolley


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