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Richard Moore

Ceramicist Richard Moore first tried his hand with clay as a small boy during a local art museum’s summer art program.  Since that time he has known he wanted to be an artist. It has taken years of re-centering his life to get back to this point, and Moore feels it was a gift from the Most High that he has followed a path that gave him skill with his hands through life’s experiences.  


As a professional DJ, he learned how to control a listening audience by moving them with music, and he has turned this experience toward the physically visible medium of clay. Currently an art major at California State University Fresno , Moore is constantly experimenting with new techniques, glaze and clay mixes, and firing methods. 



Over the last several years he has focused on pit fire, raku, and especially sagger fire techniques.  He is a talented potter, and a wizard on the potter's wheel, with a personal touch that makes each of his pots unique.



Moore’s Mosaic Pots involve taking some of his larger rock-burnished pots and low bisque firing them, then breaking them into pieces and individually saggar firing, horsehair raku firing, or smoking them in sawdust.  These individual fired pieces are reconstructed creating a unique mosaic effect.

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