The William Oates Jeffery Collection - Netsuke, Ojime, and other Ivory Objects

 Raiden God of Thunder

Crouching Oni with Hammer, Book, and Umbrella


1 3/8" high x 1 7/8" long x 1" wide

Collected in Japan

  circa 1935




Signed Kogyoku, 19th century carver.

19th century elephant Ivory Netsuke depicting Raiden the Japanese Thunder God as an Oni with protruding fangs, horns, and buggy eyes.  Raiden is holding a hammer in one hand, and another smaller object in his other.  He leers at the viewer, crouching menacingly over a disk-shaped drum.  An umbrella and elaborate book are strapped over his shoulders.  Book is inscribed with one large character and a single line of smaller characters. Underside of figure reveals a surprise in the form of a bag hidden under the drum, (perhaps his treasure?) The carving is very well done, with excellent pose, fearsome features, and many other small details.

Excellent Condition.  Lovely golden yellow patina.

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