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Ron Nisar

"Life is a journey not a destination." 
Painter Ron Nisar was born in Bronxville, New York in 1944. Both Nisar's grandfathers were accomplished photographers and artists. Although largely a self taught painter, Nisar also studied art in college where he learned basic rules of color, balance of shadow and light, and the laws of perspective. With uncompromising originality, Nisar's works depict his inner subconscious worlds.

Unfettered Doodles Anthropomorphic Surrealism

Rapid Expressionism Black Marker Period

Over the last two decades Nisar’s work has transitioned through three distinct phases he describes as “Anthropomorphic Surrealism”, “Rapid Expressionism”, and his “Black Marker Period.”  Through all three periods can be seen Nisar’s active imagination, interest in color and form, and desire to see beyond reality into the world of the subconscious.  His works have been compared to the likes of Salvador Dali, Yves Tanguy, and Giorgio De Chirico.