Daher Tins

Daher Tins

Daher manufactured tins throughout the twentieth century, in innumerable styles and designs.  While based in Long Island, New York, Daher manufactured tins in both Holland and in England.  Daher produced kitchen tins, make-up tins, candy tins, and gift tins for dozens of different companies looking for sturdy decorative containers for their products.  Daher's most recognizable tins are decorated with detailed  floral and geometric designs, rich in color, and often including metallic inks and raised or embossed relief.  In addition to tin boxes, Daher also produced trays, plates, plaques, and other assorted tin ware for practical and decorative use. 

Pink Floral Tray


Yellow Doll Tin

Red Crackle

Low Black Floral

Black Floral Hoop Handle


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